Tags On My Building: Billy Was Here, Oh Hi!

Hi, welcome to tagsonmybuilding.com!

In this inaugural post, we go way back to the basics of taggin'. This is a salute to the primitive customs of scribbling on walls, especially to write one's name or signify a claim. Also, this is a classic example of the return quip, which also employs a symbol classic in the annals of the tag.

B I L L Y  WA S  H E R E 


Maybe the guy's name is actually billy? Someone was there, and decided B I L L Y was his handle, or the handle doesn't refer to him, but to some other billy, the tagger wishes were actually there, or maybe just imagining this other billy, being there, and writing his name.

The meaning is made a joke of by the return quip of the smiley face below. The two dot and line in the circle is the simplest human expression in graphic form. But it's not a smiley, it's a melted crippley druggy smiley maybe? No I think it's just a mis-formed-up friend, a little Caliban to prank the significance of what kind of  B I L L Y was there and what was meant, by him being there in front of the wall.

It's a crude way to begin, the simplest methods and message— it still exemplifies the roots of the tag culture.

it goes back past the romans…
those men chiseled scratchitti in stone
and it stayed thousands of years.

Tags on my building